Ecology and Responsibility

Being a producer means having responsibilities and also taking care of the environment in which we operate.

We must act now by implementing a series of conscious choices regarding reducing waste, using ecological materials and energy from renewable sources, reducing polluting emissions, and pushing digital.

Thinking in terms of environmental sustainability is a commitment for everyone, especially companies.

Kong has been active in adopting a 'green' approach to its activities for years.

Below are just a few examples, the list is much longer and bound to grow in the future:

1500 square metres of photovoltaic panels have been providing clean electricity to our factory in Monte Marenzo (Italy) for years, producing 230000 kWh every year.

The choice to buy local raw material, reducing transport and CO2 emissions

The recovery of production waste to optimise the recycling process

The adoption of ecological packaging made of recycled paper

The new eco-friendly packaging consists of reusable bags. Reusing is better than recycling and in our opinion is the first step to follow!

New packaging for helmets that cuts transport volumes in half

The new adhesive packaging tape is made of paper; another step towards our '100% plastic free' goal

Instructions are printed in-house and 'on demand', drastically reducing paper consumption

Reducing catalogue paper wastage by providing alternative digital services accessible via QR code and NFC chip

Abolishing plastic bottles and issuing to each employee a personal water bottle which can be refilled free of charge at the water dispenser located in the company canteen

The new ECOnnector finishing, achieved by eliminating heavy chemical treatments such as pickling and anodising

The installation of charging stations for electric cars

The new packaging compactors, lower volume of waste, lower impact on the environment

We do our part, but we ask you to help us by doing yours too by avoiding waste, extending the life of products with proper maintenance, disposing of packaging and used products properly...

Go green, preserve the planet!