Caving and rescue harness

Newly developed harness for caving and rescue, designed to improve comfort and safety in rope progression.

SPORT (CE EN 12277) and WORK (CE EN 813) CERTIFICATIONS which also allow use in the professional field or for rescue teams. The SMART chest harness can be integrated to form a complete FALL ARRESTER (CE EN 361) harness that can be used in helicopter rescue operations, by caving rescue or canyon rescue teams.

The SMART chest harness positions the chest ascender by means of retractable, adjustable webbing and is equipped with loops for carabiners.

The sit harness and the chest harness are connected by an extension joint with a lark's foot knot.

Main features:

• wide ventral waist band and padded leg loops make it very comfortable during suspension, even when transporting heavy materials, thanks to the load distribution

• the descender's main attachment point is raised compared to a classic caving harness, which keeps the body's centre of gravity in a lower position, improving sitting comfort and balance

• conceived with the modern needs of exploratory caving in mind, it is also oriented for chimney climbing and subterranean ascent

• the main belay loop allows the descender good torsional mobility, avoiding critical twisting that can occur between descenders and closing quick links

• secondary attachment point for connecting a chest ascender: thanks to a webbing bridge sewn between the leg loops, the ascender is in a lower position

• 4 large lateral tubular gear loops (max load 10 kg)

• 4 belt transport loops offering a high attachment point for a tool bag when moving on unstable slopes or for carrying bolting bags (max load 50 kg)

• barycentric sling attachment for bag transportation (max load 50 kg). Easy to adjust and replace, with two hanging points according to the user's ergonomics

• padding made of strong nylon to withstand abrasion in meanders and bottlenecks

• sturdy buckles that can be easily adjusted using a looped piece of cord

• elastic retaining straps in the leg loops which are easy to replace

High quality product, completely made in Italy!

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Usage activities

Item codes

ItemStandardsMaterialSizeWaist size (cm)Legs size (cm)Chest size (cm)Notes
8W9502000KK8W9502000KK EN 12277/C
EN 813
Mix600S60/9540/60/Lower part
8W9503000KK8W9503000KK EN 12277/C
EN 813
Mix660M/L75/11050/70/Lower part
8W9505000KK8W9505000KK EN 12277/C
EN 813
Mix720XL85/13065/78/Lower part
8W9512000KK8W9512000KK EN 12277/D
Mix390S//75/85Upper part
8W9513000KK8W9513000KK EN 12277/D
Mix400M/L-XL//86/110Upper part

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